Thursday, December 31, 2009

11 Weeks Old!

While not much has changed since their two month update, I remembered a few things worthy of mentioning:

* Tyler is THE. HAPPIEST. CHILD. EVER. Well, in the mornings at least :) It's like he is stoked to be awake, and he cannot wait to be brought into bed with mommy & daddy around 8am. This is when they both lay across our pillows and just play, while I sit in front of them and try to be entertaining. Caroline will laugh at me, but Tyler thinks every single thing I do or say is hilarious. In fact, he thinks the pictures are hilarious, the walls are hilarious, the ceiling fan... anything. He's just happy.

* Caroline has a favorite game, and it's been named Thump Thump. Nathan created it, and it's intense. He lightly taps her on her nose and says "thump thump!!," and at this point, you'd think she was Tyler in the morning. She giggles and does her sideways-grin, and it's absolutely adorable. I have been known to try "thump thump!!" all over her face, which she thinks is a riot as well.

* They have finally realized that the other is there, and it's the most precious thing ever! Yesterday, after they finished nursing, Tyler would just stare at his sister and then smile so big when she'd look back at him. It also works with crying... if one starts, the other will immediately start. To be fraternal twins, they certainly have that bond! As I type, she is socking him in the mouth with her fist on the nursing pillow, and he's sucking on it as if it was his own... which leads me to:

* The discovery of hands has taken place! I can hardly keep Tyler's fist out of his mouth, and if it were an apple, he'd take the red right off it. Seriously, I've never heard such loudness in my life... it must be good stuff.

* They've both learned how to really scream, and I almost fell in the floor laughing the other night when Tyler screamed bloody murder as he was faced with his bath. Caroline had gone first, and although she stayed calm during it, Tyler had been side-eyeing her there and knew he was up next. As I walked with his naked behind in my hand, face-out, toward the sink, he let out the most petrified yell I'd ever heard. I immediately turned around and went back to the nursery to see if Nathan had heard it, to which he said, "I thought you'd scalded his bath water." That's how loud it was. Caroline isn't much better, and we've dubbed her our little drama queen. (Nathan says he knows where she gets that from... I have no idea what that is supposed to mean). If we even think about laying her down when she's not ready, or do anything that she's not particularly fond of, she lets one out like we've trampled all over her feelings and she'll just never, ever, be the same. It's heartbreaking, truly.

As we're rounding out 2009 tonight, I just want to say that this has been an unexpectedly wonderful year and I couldn't feel more blessed. I was given the most precious two gifts in the world on October 15th, and I thank God every day that He chose me to be their mom. I can only hope that 2010 will be just as great, and I look forward to watching them grow every day. Happy New Year everyone!

First Christmas

Christmas this year was so much different, yet so much fun! I used to say that once I had children I was no longer living out "Four Christmases" (you've seen that movie, right?) and everyone was coming to me!!! But alas, that did not happen and we loaded up the babes and headed out. Have I mentioned yet what a happy baby Tyler is? He was super excited about our travels...

However, my dad did come over to our house on Christmas Eve, and this was by far the funniest picture we got that day:

Caroline really loves to play games with her hands... can you tell what gesture she unintentionally makes quite often? LOL! (We promise, Grandpa Tony, that she was not trying to tell you something :)

On Christmas morning, we woke up bright and early to see what Santa Clause had left us. Unfortunately, Santa was a wee bit lazy this year and only brought a few books for Tyler & Caroline. Is that bad? It's not like they're going to remember it, and I don't need anymore baby stuff in my house right now! (We're moving in six months... I'm all about practicality). Nathan and I didn't even do big gifts for each other; instead, he made me a "Book of Coupons" that said things like "Foot Massage," "Back Rub," and "Head & Neck Massage." He got a new pillow, socks and underwear... because I'm romantic like that! Ha!

Once we were up, we had to get moving. We were due at Grammy & Paw Sims' house for a late breakfast at 11am, and everyone was looking forward to a homecooked spread! After spending a few hours there, we headed to the lake for our annual get-together with mom's side of the family. Tyler & Caroline were the stars of the show, of course, and everyone took turns holding them the entire night. They were so cute in their coordinating Osh Kosh B'Gosh cords!

All in all, we had a fantastic holiday and Tyler & Caroline saw almost all of their family over a span of a few days. We are super blessed to have so many wonderful people in our lives!


As I sit here at the doc's office awaiting confirmation that my Mirena hasn't floated away, I'm realizing how terrible I've been at updating over the holidays. I guess the domestic diva that I was yesterday (baked two pies, a dinner spread, AND a breakfast casserole for this morning)just can't get it all done on time anymore. Oh, and taking care of two little angels (who love being held all day) mildly interferes with being an internet lush. So as you can tell, my blogging has suffered & I must resort to writing on my Blackberry whilst covered in an oversized paper towel from the waist down.

And with that lovely mental picture in your head, I'll leave you with the promise of a Christmas update & an 11-week birthday update later today. (Well, if I can get to it ;). Happy New Year's Eve!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

2 Month Shots!

Just picture this little face, and the similar one of her brother's, breaking into a full-out "waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!!!!" after those four pricks took place. Nathan and I "rescued" them after they got tag-teamed by the nursing staff, and boy was it a pitiful sight. They were happy as clams (at first) as they laid on the table (we think they associated that with laying on their changing pad, which they love, randomly), and then stick!!!!!!!!! It hurt my feelings as much as it hurt their little legs, I believe.

Speaking of little (or not so little) legs, guess how much they weigh now? Tyler is a whopping 11 lbs 11 ounces and 23" long, and Caroline is 10 lbs and 22" long. That's a three pound gain for him, and two and a half for her. I know I mentioned in the last post that they're both wearing 3 months clothes, but the lil fella is actually sporting up to 6 months every now and then. Have I mentioned that we really hope that he turns out to like basketball?? :) Everyone we talked to at the doctor's office made a comment about how "big & healthy" they looked for twins, which made me feel good. I guess being the Dairy Queen is paying off.

That night they both ran a slight fever so we gave them baby Tylenol, but let me tell you, there was no rest to be had by any of us. I think that's the least amount of sleep I've gotten since they were born, because our usual schedule is for them to wake up once or twice throughout the night to eat. Not so much this time. I wasn't sure if I'd actually gotten to sleep once morning came, because every time I put one back to bed, the other was crying. I'm pretty sure I'd have died already if more nights were like this one. Thanks, God, for knowing my limits and giving me semi-soundly-sleeping children.

We've been watching a lot of the videos we shot during their first month and it's unbelievable how much they have already changed. All those cliches are so true, like,"it goes by faster than you think!" and "do such & such while you can!" I had to take out Tyler's snuggly-fleecy-thing from his car seat, because he's too big for it, and pretty soon I'm going to need a forklift by my bed to get them out of the co-sleeper at night. My biceps are coming back much sooner than I'd imagined, so I'm thankful for that at least. (Forget all that talk I did about starting The Shred... Who was I kidding?) Oh, and I can now squeeze my butt into not one, not two, but three pairs of my old jeans. It makes me sooooooo happy to wear old clothes... in fact, a pulled out a trash bag that was intended for Goodwill and decided to keep over half of it just because it fit. And because I never, ever go shopping for myself anymore. I am a changed woman, no doubt.


Yesterday I bid official goodbye to my job. I can't believe I'm now a "stay at home mom," but I'm happy about it. I had a good run as a jet-settin' business woman, but the time has come to grow up and do something even more important than that.

I know a lot of my work buddies read this blog, so ScanSource, I'll miss you! What an awesome company to be a part of! I've made so many wonderful friends there, and I just hope that they don't forget about me now that I'm not seeing them as much :)

Cheers ladies & gents... keep in touch!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Our nights may not be SILENT...

... but our Christmas will be Merry!

Yeah, maybe that's cheesy, but I don't care :) Just look how well Connor cooperated for this picture! Too bad Caroline didn't get the memo that you should show your face in photos. Every single shot we took she was doing this, so we gave up and said we'd always remember the fact that she loves those arms by her head. Oh, and if you're looking at Tyler's cheeks and thinking that they look a wee-bit shiny, that's because his dear ol' mom smeared vaseline all over them that day (he was looking a little chapped). I totally forgot to wipe it off before the pictures, so there you have it. One child whose face gleams, the other's you can't see, a dog whose about to pounce on the cat, and a partridge in a pear tree....

As for announcements, I designed two of them and couldn't pick which one I liked best so I ordered them both. Which one is your favorite?


PS, I still can't believe I actually got these done. :Pats self on back: :)

Babies' First Snow

Well, sort of. We didn't technically get snow where we live, but we saw it at my mom's house. And we drove in it. That counts, right? :)

Regardless, I couldn't help but post pictures of Tyler & Caroline in their new Strasburg snowbunny hats and Christmas-themed outfits. We were quite festive today, to only drive to Lake Bowen and back. (You know we lead exhilarating lives these days... it doesn't take much to make us excited).

Nathan is driving, reliving his glory days at App State

To Granna's House we go!

Our doll baby, Miss Caroline (modeling the new hat)

Tyler looooooves his holiday wear! :)

Lastly, our family portrait by the tree :)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

2 Months Old!

"Who, US??"

Don't these onesies just make them look guilty? Well, they should. There's something to be said for irony, because today was one of those days... the kind where we could not sit either of them down for 0.02 seconds before they screamed bloody murder. (And as a side note, the post below was written a few days ago when I had them sleeping soundly in their cribs for a nap. No chance in the world that would've happened today... :)

My goodness, what happened to my pint-sized little babies? Are these 3-month-outfit & size-1-diaper-wearing heavyweights really those tiny little munchkins we brought home from the hospital? It's honestly shocking to see how fast they grow, especially our little man. I keep trying to weigh them on the bathroom scale while I hold them, and it looks like Tyler is somewhere in the 11-12 lb range. Caroline isn't quite up to 11 lbs yet nor is she completely in 3 months clothes, whereas Tyler fits in them perfectly. She's more in that "in between phase" around the 9 lb mark, but she seriously feels about 9 ounces after holding Tyler. He is a CHUNK. The most adorable, precious chunk in the entire world, but still a chunk. Maybe it's because he wants to eat all the darn time, and uses me as a pacifier half the time. Whatever, he's obviously a growin' boy!

So what do 2 month olds do, you ask?

They catch their first colds, sit in their bumbo chairs, laugh and coo and giggle, take naps on their tummies, swat and play with the bumble bee on their bouncy seat, and have personalities. It's amazing to see them forming into the little people they're going to be, and it appears that Tyler is the active, energetic, feisty one. If he's awake, his little legs are constantly kicking. He'd be running marathons if he could stand up. Caroline is laid-back and calm, but when she gets mad, she is mad. Like, can't-breathe-I'm-crying-so-hard-and-my-feelings-are-so-hurt mad. Both of them are now crying REAL TEARS when they cry, and it's heartbreaking. I have to ask myself if I'm actually hurting them when I change their diapers, or change their clothes, because you would think that there's no way I'm not with the crocodile tears rolling down their little faces. I laugh, but it's so pitiful! Tyler loves to lay on the changing table, though, so if I let him chill there long enough before attempting the aforementioned, we get a different result. When all else fails, though, just pick up both of them and walk around. They are the happiest babies in the world if they're in your arms.

They both gaze at you in your eyes when you talk to them, and they looooooove to be talked to. It's like their trying so hard to figure out what you're saying, and they'll scrunch up their brow in desperate attempt. We've started reading books, and hopefully I'll be able to add that to the bedtime routine soon. I just need to add to my collection, because right now, The Little Engine That Could is getting major face time. When we go to bed at night, I've started singing to them in lieu of their Rainforest Soother (dead batteries, must improvise). Jesus Loves Me is a hit, especially since I know all the words and don't have to make stupid things up... Everything else I try gets more ridiculous each night with my sorry excuse for ad-libbing. Oh, and if singing doesn't soothe, something about me rubbing their heads does. It puts them in a trance, so most nights I'll stand above their cosleeper and play with their hair as they suck on their soothies and stare at the stars. (They have this thing called the Constellation Turtle, and it projects stars in multi-colors all over the room). I'm also having to slowly get them out of being swaddled at night, mostly because they're outgrowing their blankets. Without fail, they both get their arms out like little Houdinis within ten minutes of being laid down and are bonking each other in the head. I'm sure I could move them away from each other, but they still love being side-by-side so we're just going to have to work it out.

As I type, I'm sitting in their room listening to them coo at each other in their crib. I hope they continue to be best friends their entire lives, and that they know how special they are individually even though they are "the twins." I can't imagine life without both of them now :)

Happy 2 Months, sweet angels!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Oh Wedding Rings, How I've Missed You.

Today they fit, and I'M HYPE. The last time I wore them was to my ten year high school reunion back in June... and I squeezed them on that day.

Nathan, sweetie, I'm finally married again :) (Not that you were ever concerned during those last months of pregnancy, though, right? I mean, I was super smokin' hotttt and all).

Newborn Photos, Better Late Than Never

When you have two babies, it's hard to get things done on time.

With that said, here are a few of the professional pictures by Blue Ridge Photography of Tyler & Caroline at one month old! If you're one of the few people who are getting birth announcements and Christmas cards, just pretend you've never seen them before, ok? (Yes, you read that right. They're coming in the same envelope this year, and if you're wondering why, re-read the first sentence of this post).

Regarding our photo shoot, it was a fun-filled two hours. As Caroline stole the show and did as she was told, Tyler peed EVERYWHERE. (In order to get these awesome pics, the babies had to be diaper-free). Nathan was totally impressed by the fact that it shot all the way across the room (naturally), but I was the lucky one who got to wear it. I also did the holding for all these pictures, so needless to say, my biceps were trying to remember their former, more muscular selves as I sweated profusely and tried to balance a squirmy, naked baby on each side. All in all, definitely an experience we'll remember ;)

*If these leave you wanting more, you can click on Maggie's website link above and go see the entire album :)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

How Big Boys & Girls Play

This is how we do it at 8 weeks old... cause we're good at holding our heads up & all.
Matter of fact, the bumbos came out a few days before the big 8 week birthday but they were just so stinkin cute sitting in them that I had to post these pictures. Tyler seems to love it, but we're still working on Caroline. She's not quite sure about anything where she sits all alone. In fact, I'd better watch it because she tries to maneuver herself into bed with me every night, too (shhhhh!). We have an Arms Reach Co-sleeper beside us, but there's something about resting on my arm instead that seems to lull her to the deepest sleep imaginable. While Nathan's been away in Columbia, my bed gets a little lonely so I often give in :)

Speaking of sleep habits, these little folks are starting to sleep *almost* through the night. Our new routine is this: bath around 8pm, lotion & dressed thereafter (which they loathe - you would think I'm killing them), rocked for a while, then nursed. When they're practically asleep at the boob, I transfer them to their bed and sneak off to do things like blog (hence now). Usually this all happens by 10:30pm, so it's a long process. They wake up about 5am to eat, and this would be awesome if I didn't wake up an hour before that about to absolutely BURST. So for now, I've relocated my pump to the bathroom so I can sneak off and relieve myself in the dark. The benefit is that I'm building up my freezer stash, so maybe, just maybe, Nathan and I can have a date night eventually!

As for Nathan, he had his residency interview in Columbia today. He thought it went really well, so hopefully it's in the cards that he gets matched with that program. He'll be finished with his month of working there this Sunday, so I'm happy that he'll be home for more than two days from now on. Interview "season" is still in full swing, though, so he'll be traveling a lot over the next two months. Tampa & Orlando are next, so he leaves Tuesday-Thursday for those interviews (these are my #2 and #3 votes, after Columbia of course :) It helps matters that Allegiant Airlines offers direct flights from Greenville for nothing to both of those cities.

But back to our sweet munchkins, they've both come down with a nasty cold despite all my best efforts at keeping them inside a healthy, sterile bubble. Such is what happens when their daddy works in the ER, right? When he came home last weekend he thought he had a nasty case of sinus allergies, but lo and behold, as soon as we woke up on Monday little Tyler was congested as could be. It was absolutely pitiful to see him cough and choke on that nasty stuff, so I've had to start doing saline drops and suctioning with an aspirator (meanest thing in the world, as far as he's concerned). Caroline followed suit and caught it the next day (when she coughs it scares her to death), so I'm battling both of their little noses and throats right now. I hate it!! I can't imagine if they were actually sick enough to feel horrible... I'm not sure I could handle that just yet. Oh! One more thing I've learned is that the Poly Vi Sol drops are the devil. Tyler is the only one whose experienced them because he reacted so violently that I couldn't make myself give them to Caroline afterwards. His little face contorted in such a way that was almost funny, then he puked all over the bed. Not funny. Very sad. I felt terrible! On the bright side, a lot of that congestion came up, too.

That's all I've got for now, since I'm waiting to update "milestones" on Monday when Tyler & Caroline are 2 months old!! Here are a few pictures from our Christmas outfit photoshoot to hold you over...

Thursday, December 3, 2009

7 Weeks Old

And growing by the minute! We made a special trip to visit Nathan in Columbia yesterday and he couldn't believe how much bigger they'd gotten since last Saturday. Everyone that picks Tyler up comments on how heavy he is, and although Caroline doesn't hold a candle to his heftiness, she's definitely holding her own these days. The newborn clothes are getting packed up this weekend... how sad!

I am trying to get both of them to bed, though, so I don't have more than a minute to write this post. I'll leave you with pictures instead-

*Below is my new favorite accessory, and I will be buying another stat. My babies loooooove being in it, and as you can see, Caroline is even enjoying her "soothie" pacifier (which is attached by the cutest flower of a soothie holder you've ever seen). They both took turns riding around with me tonight, and I was able to clean the kitchen, cook spaghetti, enjoy a glass of wine and deal with a precious little puggle who wants to go outside every time I turn around. Love it!!