Saturday, June 18, 2011

Advice, por favor

I'm convinced that Caroline is ready to start potty training, but I have NO idea where to start. I'm sure I could spend hours upon hours researching online, but let's be honest... I don't have time for that. (I barely have time to write this on my phone right now, & I'm confident that everyone of you understands. :)

So, here is what she's doing:
*pee pees in her potty after baths at night.
*retrieves a clean diaper, lays down at our "changing spot," and tells me what she's done each time she does #1 or #2. (This morning she was trying to tell me BEFORE #2, and that's when I came to the conclusion we need to offer the potty).
*tries to wipe herself.
*allllwwwaaaays tries to take her diaper off.
*loves watching me in the bathroom, and wants to do everything I do.

On top of all that, she's just really starting to listen and understand direction really well. She loves to help me do every task in the world (dishes, garbage, cleaning, etc), so I think she'll be receptive to just about anything.

My question to all of you who've been through the process (and may have learned the hard way), what worked best for you? I really appreciate any feedback you're willing to offer! Thanks!


  1. We are using M&Ms a reward when she goes. It is working really well! she loves to flush it and only gets to flush when she potties. we have gone whole days now with no dirty diapers! but it hasn't been an everyday thing. Some days are better than others. I an considering a "potty chart" and stickers to help.

  2. We JUST finished potty training, I was so worried to start, but Addy was SO easy. It took us one week of lots of work, but it was very successful!! I just posted about it (2nd one on my page) and everything we did. We too use M&Ms, sticker chart and potty dance. It might seem excessive, but 7 days and she was pottytrained, with maybe an accident here and there occasionally. Hope that helps and it sounds like Caroline is ready. Addy was doing all of those things too!!

  3. 3 day Potty Train book. It is on line.

  4. Rewards work great! Also, take her to the store to pick out her "big girl undies" and have her wear them around the house. Since it seems like she knows when to go and doesn't like being wet, it should help her recognize it if she has an accident. Plus, the new undies might make her excited to wear and help her feel like a big girl.

  5. The key is waiting til they are ready and it sounds like she is! My twins started telling us when they soiled their diapers at just 14 mo and would tell us BEFORE they had to around 2 but I just felt like they were totally ready til 2 1/2. So I just potty trained my twins at exactly 2 1/2, I did both of them at the same time which I never really planned to do both at the same exact tie, it just sort of happened that way and it went GREAT. It's been 2 months now.

    What I did was picked a few days that we would just stay home (unless we had to leave the house for some emergency errand or what have you). This is what I did, it's not fool proof, not the "right" way, and may not work for everyone but it worked perfectly for us.....
    I stocked up on new, fun drink, new cups, straws, just stuff to make them want to drink a bunch so they would have to go pee more often. I put them in big girl/boy undies from the get go and explained that we needed to keep them dry. I would tell them to keep Tinkerbell and Lighting McQueen dry and they loved that (that's who was on their undies). I had 2 little potties set up, always in the same place so they would know where to run to when they had to go.
    The key thing I did was I set a cooking timer for 20 min. Every 20 min I would take both of them to go pee, most of the time they would go! Every time they went, they go to pick out one M&M. Praise is VERY important, make a HUGE deal EVERY time they go!!! Have the other child cheer on the one who is going. That has also been a great tool for this, they love being congratulated by the other one :)
    The FIRST day of PTing my daughter did not have a sigle accident!! I was blown away. My son had 4. Day 2 they both had 2. Day 3 Kaden had 3 and Kaleiah had 1. Day 4 NONE. AND on day 4 we went on a 3 hour outing in undies and they used public potties 3 times each!! I was seriously blown away with how fast they got it!!!
    My back was BEYOND sore from taking them to go pee 56 times a day the first few days though. But the timer thing worked so well. I explained to them that when they heard the bell ring it meant it was time ot go potty. Before long, they were running to the potties on their own when they heard it!
    We decided from the moment we started that there were never be any more diapers on them if they were awake. Th only time they did and still do wear them is for naps and bed time until they gain more bladder control. They know the "rule" as well, that "we only wear diapers when we sleep" and they literally never have accidents anymore (accidents stopped after about 1 week).

    Over all, what I know from experience is consistency, praise and refrain from any negative comments when accident happen, and rewards/encouragement from the other one are they key things but ESPECIALLY consistency.

    Hope my 2 cents helps! Write me if you want to know more!

  6. So my started potty training my daughter (who is now almost 8!) when she was 22 months. She was totally ready. Slept through the night dry by 18 months. The thing is I would put her in pull ups when we would go to church and leave the house on errands because I was afraid of "what if". She wasn't fully trained until she was 2 1/2. It got to the point where I was like "You peed your panties and she said "don't worry mommy it's a pull-up." After that we threw them all away and she was done potty training in 3 days. I think pull- ups work against you when trying to potty train. My other child who is now 4 (boy) was totally interested at 18 months so I tried to potty train him but he changed his mind after about 2 weeks he refused to go on the toilet anymore so we waited another year. I say try it out and if you feel like once you start she's not ready then go back to diapers and don't feel bad about it.

  7. I was lucky enough that just recently Ebonie started weeing on the potty with only a small amount of help from me. Just put her in undies and pop her on the potty every 30 minutes, talk it over, maybe show her some youtube nursery rhyme potty training vids. Good luck!