Monday, September 26, 2011

Shabby Apple Giveaway

Let me just say that if I had an undisclosed amount of money to put towards fashion at this moment, I would be dangerous.  When I was contacted by Shabby Apple to take a look at their site, I spent more than just a few minutes scouring it... from women's dresses to jewelry and accessories, the darling amount of things they offer just doesn't stop.  It made me reminisce on my years in Charleston, actually, when my friend Allison and I would have to line our closets with cork boards just to hang up the endless amounts of necklaces, earrings and bracelets we aquired to accompany our wardrobes. 

Those were the days.  :)

Now, when I want a new piece of jewelry, I have to really want it... more than I want a new smocked dress for Caroline or a cute pair of jeans for Tyler. 

Hellooooo, Through the Looking Glass Necklace.


Not only is it just fun to look at, but it's pretty whimsical.  It's chunky enough to look awesome with just about any outfit, but the coolest part is that it has a side hinge which allows you to insert fun things into the glass bauble pendant.  Once you've put something in it (like a photo, dried flower, or charm), the fish-eye magnifying effect occurs.  Possibilities are endless with this necklace, and you could really tailor it to suit your personal style.

Want one too? :)

One lucky reader is going to win this beauty, and all you need to do is leave a comment below.  Also let me know if you "like" Shabby Apple on facebook, which will afford  you special promotions and exclusive discounts!

Lastly, since the folks at Shabby Apple are so nice, they are also offering Twice Blessed readers 10% off all purchases with the coupon code "twiceblessed10off".  It will expire 30 days from now, so hurry on over there and check out the goods. 

Like this stunning ring and super fun yellow dress.  Swoon.

They've really got something for everyone, even those who are rocking maternity wear.  If only I hadn't been the size of Texas while pregnant... oh well, maybe next time.  :)

So again, just comment below and you'll be entered to win the Through the Looking Glass necklace.  I will pick the winner on Monday, October 3rd.  Good luck!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Connor!

Today is Connor’s 4th birthday, and like every other year, we wanted to make him feel special on his big day.  He’s such a big part of our family that it’s only fitting that we celebrate his life! 

I whipped up a batch of yummy banana spice muffins so that he could have a “cake,” and he must have known that one was just for him.  Even before they cooled he anxiously paced the kitchen, so the picture below cracks me up! 

He was trying so hard to be patient while we sang.

9-17-11 006

(Howling:) “But pleeeeeeeease let me just have it already!”

9-17-11 007

Not before blowing out the candles!  Thank goodness he has a little brother and sister always willing to help him out.

9-17-11 016

Happy Birthday Sweet Connor Boy… you bring such joy to our home.  We love you buddy!

9-17-11 031

Friday, September 16, 2011

Simple things make me happy

Such as this, for instance.

I am not the queen of crafting like my friend Natalie, so in terms of "thinking outside the box," this is where I live.  Not too much effort, but useful.

What you see here is a desk organizer nailed to the wall, an awesome glass frame I turned into a weekly menu, and a simple framed bulletin board.  This is how I stay organized... and if you're an Anal-Annie like me, you need a little organization in your life.  Yes, I have everything on my iPhone (because I finally entered the century and got one), but I am one of those people that needs lists.  And finite details.  I can't rely on technology... my brain just does not function in that manner.

I'm sure this super random post is intriguing to you, but rest assured, I felt compelled to throw it out there because of my new highly-addictive hobby called pinterest.  If you are on there, let me know so I can follow you.  I absolutely HEART this site, more than I ever thought I could.  And if you are one of those folks who hasn't jumped on board yet but are interested, leave me a comment and I will send you an invite!  I still have a few left, and I promise, you will not be sorry.  It has helped me get motivated to move into full-on-party-planning-mode for big birthday number two, so with that said, I'm off to make Caroline a super cute Minnie Mouse tutu! 

*Yes, yes, we did the same theme last year, but what can I say?  These kids LOOOOOVE some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  They sleep with Mickey and Minnie (respectively) and break it down to "Hot dog hot dog hot diggity dog" on the regular.  What kind of mom would I be to worry about specifics?  This year's party will be a little more "mature" if you will... after all, they are TWO.  That is serious.

*And plus also, please do not judge me for the fact that Wednesday is Domino's takeout night.  Not only is it delicious, but it's $3.99 for an entire medium pizza on Wednesdays.  We are a family on a budget!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

23 Months

Can it really be that age two is just one short month upon us?  Hard to believe, but even harder to accept.  My babies are so big now, and so independent I can hardly stand it.

Yesterday we decided to head over to Harmon’s Tree Farm, which has a small petting zoo (more like gawking zoo).  It isn’t incredibly exciting, but Tyler and Caroline had a ball just running around the expansive property and freely checking out all they had to offer.  First things first, there was an old rickety swing…

9-15-11 025

And then after a little anxiety, Caroline made friends with an extremely friendly deer-


9-15-11 032  9-15-11 033

Tyler wasn’t so sure about “Goat Town,” but he pressed on.


Once they finally relaxed around the animals, they couldn’t get enough. 

9-15-11 047

9-15-11 036

Too bad the good ol’ South Carolina summer gnats couldn’t get enough of us either…

“Shew flies!!!”9-15-11 064

Not that they interfered with getting to know the peacock a little better, though.

9-15-11 066

I finally convinced them to walk with me back to the barn so we could rock on the big red rocking chairs.  Caroline, ever the helper, decided to show Tyler the way.

9-15-11 075

9-15-11 082

9-15-11 086

They love "wocking"-

9-15-11 101

And I love these faces.

9-15-11 126

9-15-11 116

Happy 23 Months, my loves. 

I hope you have as much fun with me as I have with you!

9-15-11 130

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Columbia Owens Airport

Today we had a fun activity with our moms group at the “craft” airport downtown.  There was supposedly a small tour scheduled, but when only half of us showed up, a nice pilot decided to take us on an even better tour.  He is a Deputy Sheriff who flies helicopters, so he loaded us up onto his extra large golf cart and took us to the police hangar. 

As the hangar door lifted, the group of two-year-olds thought that was the show.  Once they realized they actually got to walk around in the hangar, though, it was pretty hilarious to watch them check out the small plane and chopper.

9-13-11 020

9-13-11 010

9-13-11 032

Every other child sat inside the helicopter and got their pictures taken… but would mine?  Ohhhh no.  Mommy had to be right there, of course.  :)

9-13-11 029

9-13-11 019

9-13-11 023

9-13-11 022

9-13-11 027

9-13-11 037

Thanks so much, Richland County Police Dept!  You are awesome.

9-13-11 009

Monday, September 12, 2011

Charleston Wedding Weekend

Since I am a nice person, I will not explain why I haven’t updated the blog in over a week.  It has a little something to do with nasty viruses and vomit all over the kitchen sink, floors, and my bare feet, but like I said… I won’t bore you with details.

Over Labor Day weekend, one of my besties got married.  We go way back, so far back that I don’t really remember how far, but in essence that means that I got to see loads of my hometown friends and hang out for days on end. 

We started off at the rehearsal dinner, which turned into a “roast or toast” for the couple.  One of our friends took the roast about as far as William did to Ashley on the Bachelorette, but it was hilarious nonetheless.  Michael may, or may not have, wanted to kill him…

Labor Day Weekend '11 022

Others, like Jessica and myself, stayed on the more appropriate “toast” side of the the fence.

Labor Day Weekend '11 005

She was a beautiful bride with a fairy-tale wedding all the way-

Labor Day Weekend '11 115

Labor Day Weekend '11 122

& Lucky for us, everything was provided from the bling to the flops!

Labor Day Weekend '11 113

Even the flowers had special touches-

Labor Day Weekend '11 117

Me and Jessica, ready to walk down the aisle

Labor Day Weekend '11 126

The reception was great, and even the kids had a ball.  Caroline and Granna cut a rug or two-

Labor Day Weekend '11 131

But par for the course, Nathan shook his tail feather even more.

Labor Day Weekend '11 164

Labor Day Weekend '11 170

Then it was “blast from the past” time.  Our buddy Davis, also known as The Instigator, had to get the party started.

Labor Day Weekend '11 163

Labor Day Weekend '11 183

Labor Day Weekend '11 210

Labor Day Weekend '11 203

Labor Day Weekend '11 214

Labor Day Weekend '11 202

Labor Day Weekend '11 173 

Labor Day Weekend '11 188

Labor Day Weekend '11 199

Labor Day Weekend '11 249

Labor Day Weekend '11 241

Labor Day Weekend '11 243

After the wedding festivities came to a close, we got to enjoy a long weekend on the Charleston harbor.  We took in the market, the battery, the seafood, everything.

Labor Day Weekend '11 264

Labor Day Weekend '11 045

Labor Day Weekend '11 021

Labor Day Weekend '11 032

Labor Day Weekend '11 044

Labor Day Weekend '11 066

Labor Day Weekend '11 052

(Did I mention it was the opening weekend to college football?  We had to represent, obviously.)

Labor Day Weekend '11 080

Labor Day Weekend '11 278

Labor Day Weekend '11 274

Labor Day Weekend '11 301

Labor Day Weekend '11 299

Now that Labor Day has passed in style, we are ready for FALL!!  Bring it on, pumpkin spice everything.