Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hey, it’s 2012! And I have more Christmas pictures!

I’m going to make this a one-post-event rather than break it down even further.  I really can’t believe it’s this far into January and I’m still talking about the holidays… I may as well be that person with the unlit icicles on my house in March. 

So where did I leave off?  After our “Jolly” Christmas morning, I hurriedly put together and apple pie (supermom horn blowing!) and we went to my dad’s house.  The whole way there Tyler talked about seeing “Grandpa TOOOONY,” but as soon as we pulled in the driveway he decided he wanted to stay in the car.  Minds of their own, I tell you.  Eventually we drug him inside, opened [yet] more presents, played with all the fun d├ęcor and ate “barbecued weenie things” until our hearts content. 





Tyler and Caroline got singamajigs from Grandpa Tony, and their favorite activity was having them “eatcha fingers.”  Tyler got an especially big kick out of it…



As much fun as Tyler had, though, Caroline was mindful to stay right with mommy and daddy the entire time.  She’s funny like that, but eventually she decided to sit with Grandpa for a few minutes before we left.

(Of course the pig tails had to go, and my pearls had to be on).


After our visit, we loaded up and headed to Papa and MiMi Kaye’s house for the Morrow family get-together.  Until this year, we’ve only brought a handful of gifts to be used in a Dirty Santa swap game.  Now that we have Tyler and Caroline, though, the amount of gifts was unbelievable.  I have a big family, so with everyone buying them at least one present (but more often 2-3), they definitely add up!  We are blessed to have so many people who love our kids! :)








And last but not least, we spent time with the Sims!  Nathan’s sister and her family were able to come into town on Monday, so it worked out best for us to get together then.  We had a big lunch, played outside, and of course, opened more gifts.  :)  Every year Grammie comes up with something new for us to do while opening presents, so we couldn’t wait to see what she had in store this time. 



You can’t tell by her expression below, but this was one of the best gifts ever.  Caroline is obsessed with lipstick, so getting her very own in her very own purse just made her day.



After the kids opened their gifts, we were sent on scavenger hunts for ours.  Each of us had to read a Christmas-themed clue that led to a place in the house, then find the gift wrapped in our particular paper.  I happened to be the best ever at this game… except I’d find Barry and Stephanie’s presents before mine and Nathan’s each time!  We had a ball opening each one and finding gift cards to our favorite restaurants and shops… good going Grammie and Paw!

Lastly, we wrapped up the day playing outside and relaxing.  I’ve probably mentioned how much my kids like to drive (any and everything), so the Barbie Jeep was no exception.


Tyler taking cousin Eliza for a spin-


Then Sissy’s turn… at which point she said “NO Daddy!” as he tried to push them up the hill.



After all was said and done, we had the most wonderful Christmas as a family yet.  As I’ve mentioned before, there isn’t much like seeing things through the eyes of your children, and this year, everything was so much bigger and better because of them.  We may have to travel a ton and make lots of stops, but it was well worth it!  As of January 1, 2012, Nathan is officially on the downward slope of residency which means we only have one more Christmas to spend in Columbia.  Maybe when we’re closer to home we won’t be running around so much, but then again, that’s part of the holiday fun right? 

Now onto posts from this year!  Woohoo! :)

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  1. What a wonderful Christmas it was!!! These children are so blessed to be loved by so many people!!! What a fabulous year 2011 has been!!!!
    I know Caroline was so happy about the lipstick & purse!!!