Thursday, February 16, 2012

Columbia “Edventures”

Tyler and Caroline are finally old enough where I’m not scared of taking them places alone.  Last year, it was all I could do to keep up with them, as 1+ year olds like to run wild for the most part (at least mine did).  At two, though, they are fun and manageable.  We can go anywhere and they mind me pretty well.

With that said, I came across a Groupon for Edventure, Columbia’s children’s museum.  They have really cool exhibits and are constantly changing things around, so it’s hard for toddlers to get bored.  We’ve been twice in the past month and I can honestly it say was a super smart purchase.  They ADORE this place.

What’s not to love about a toddler-sized grocery store?





Serious shoppers coming through…



Tyler’s favorite thing:  the real fire truck you can drive!


Caroline still hasn’t decided if she likes Bessie the cow or not, but she gives her a whirl each time…



Another favorite exhibit is one of “other lands” -


Rockstar, baby.


(Shall we discuss how much fun my husband has as well?)



There’s also a pretty sweet music room that reminds me of the movie Big.  Not exactly FAO Swartz, but fun nonetheless.



As much as I harp on loving the upstate, I’ve gotta give it to Columbia for being awesome in the activities department.  Nathan keeps saying that I’m going to be sad to leave next year… we shall see.

Speaking of years, I’m 31 today.  WHOA. 

Thirty seemed kind of exciting, but this one not so much.  What is exciting, however, is that instead of treating myself to lunch at Sam’s Club (last year) I’m having brunch with friends then heading to the lake for a weekend of fun.  Dinner with my mom tonight, lunch with my dad tomorrow, dinner with Greenville girlfriends tomorrow night, and last but not least, a MASSAGE!!  The latter was a gift from Nathan, whose really gone out of his way to make me feel special this year.  He knew that the big 3-0 was kind of a let-down (he was working, I had lunch at Sam’s, womp womp womp), so the past few days he’s showered me with thoughtfulness...  New purse, four massages with my favorite therapist, cards, flowers, candy.  Icing on the cake is having the most precious children in the world singing “Happy Birthday Mommy!  HAPPY TO YOU MOMMY!” on repeat. I am one lucky old lady.  ;)


  1. happy birthday! Looks like you had quite the adventure.

  2. Mandy, happy birthday to you!

    this place looks like a lot of fun...i've been curious: are the kiddos super tall? I swear that they look very tall for their age, almost like 3-year olds...are they?