Monday, February 27, 2012

Daisy Cottage Designs

Have you ever seen anything cuter than this?

Meet Miss Graceyn Elizabeth, the daughter of one of my oldest and dearest friends, Amy.

When Lauren of Daisy Cottage Designs got in touch with me, I just knew that I had to get one of her precious knit owl hats for Graceyn's impending arrival. Poor Amy had been holed up on bed rest for weeks (a situation I can sympathize with!), so sending her this little gem was at the top of my list. Lauren worked fast and furiously to make a special hat just for Graceyn, even to my "teeny newborn" specifications. When I received the hat I couldn't have been happier... It was ADORABLE. If I would have known about Lauren when Tyler and Caroline were born, you better believe I would have gotten coordinating owls for a "naked with hats on" newborn photo shoot.

As you can see from Graceyn's beautiful modeling, this hat makes a divine gift for just about anyone (granted this particular baby makes it look even better, but I'm certainly not biased :).

Lauren of Daisy Cottage is currently awaiting the arrival of her second baby girl, Caroline, and has closed her shop for a few weeks.  You can follow her blog to keep up with her new designs, though, and she will be back to creating sweet gifts as soon as her sweet gift is here.  Best of luck Lauren!


  1. Super sweet baby - and an adorable owl hat. :)

  2. Absolutely gorgeous baby and truly adorable hat!!!! Lauren certainly is good at her job too!!!! Can't wait to see the new designs....for spring????